Project Description

Project description:

The project of modernization of the airport in České Budějovice (LKCS) enabling the certification of the airport for international civil traffic was divided into two phases. In the 1st phase, the construction of a new gatehouse (security center), new area roads, security fencing, runway repair (runway) and sewer reconstruction were carried out. In the 2nd phase, the construction of a new airport terminal for passenger, new garages for mobile handling equipment and for the advanced station of the airport fire brigade and the construction of new roads and a check-in area were completed. The airport terminal building has dimensions of 98×44 m and a height of 6 m. The proposed capacity is approximately 160,000 passengers handled per year and the hourly peak is 300 passengers handled, of which a maximum of 240 in one direction (departure or arrival).

Investor: Jihočeské letiště České Budějovice a. s.

Project processing date: 2014

Type of project documentation:

  • Project for construction