About AGA

AGA – Letiště, s.r.o. is a design office that started its activities on September 17, 1992 under the identification number 46357653.
The company has 17 employees and has a range of stable subcontractors for geodetic, survey and design work.

We are mainly engaged in these activities

  • design (studies, spatial planning documentation, documentation for planning permit, building permit, building construction, supplier selection and author’s supervision)

  • consulting (especially in airport construction, equipment and operation of airports and the construction of airport pavement and roadways)

  • expertise and opponents

  • engineering (discussion of documentation, obtaining planning and building permits, author’s supervision)


  • airports and heliports, including their equipment (civil and military)

  • transport structures (roads, bridges)

  • buildings and special-purpose facilities

  • technical infrastructure