Processing of project documentations

  • Studies

  • Spatial planning documents

  • Regional Studies

  • Investor plans

  • Construction tender documentation

  • Feasibility study

  • Documentation for planning permit

  • Documentation for building permit

  • Documentation for the selection of the construction contractor

  • Documentation for construction

  • Documentation of the real construction

  • Documentation of demolition works

Engineering, author’s supervisions

  • Engineering activities to obtain a planning permit

  • Engineering activities to obtain a building permit

  • Engineering activities during construction

  • Author’s supervision during construction

Consulting activities

  • Airports, their operation, capacity and equipment

  • Heliports, their operation, capacity and equipment

  • Land transport (roads, parking lots)

  • Building construction

  • Construction of airport pavements and roadways, their repairs and reinforcement

In our specialization of planning and design of airports and heliports (civil and military) we offer

  • Selection of a suitable construction site

  • Inclusion of the airport, heliport in the zoning plans of settlements and areas

  • Forecasts of the development of airport performance (passengers, goods, aircraft movements)

  • Capacity analyzes of individual airport components

  • Design of airport ground operation technology

  • Design of check-in process technology

Processing of protective zones

  • Airports

  • Heliports

  • Aeronautical ground facilities

Operational capability assessment

  • Airports (RWY, TWY, APN, Passenger Terminals) in relation to L-series regulations, ICAO, EASA, NATO, Flight-1-6, IATA

  • Heliports (TLOF, FATO, SA, APN, TWY) in relation to L-series regulations, ICAO, NATO, EASA

Parameter specifications and custom design

  • Airport operating areas (RWY, TWY)

  • Aprons, de-icing, handling and parking areas for aircraft (aircraft stands)

  • Terminals for handling passengers and for cargo

  • Hangars for maintenance and for aircraft hangars

  • Air Traffic Control Facilities (ANS / TWR)

  • Facilities for the fire and rescue service

  • Radiocommunication, radionavigation and radar equipment

  • Visual navigation aids (airport lights, signs)

  • Boarding bridges to aircraft

  • Storage for aviation and automotive fuels, their distribution

  • Land transport (roads and parking lots)

  • Construction of airport pavements and roadways, their repairs and reinforcement

  • Airport infrastructures (drainage, water supply, power, gas, heating)