Project Description

Project description:

The project dealt with the reconstruction and completion of the school playground, including the athletics sports field at the Primary School, Příbram VII, October 28, 1. In the area, a facility was designed for sports facilities, two multi-purpose playgrounds (dimensions 44×22 m and 35×17 m), four running tracks 60 m long, three 200 m long running tracks (circuit), area for high jump, area for long jump, area for throwing balls and free area that can be used for other activities. The building of the sports ground facilities included an administrator’s office, changing rooms with washrooms and toilets, a teacher’s cabinet and a sports equipment warehouse.

Investor: City of Příbram

Project processing date: 2013-2014

Type of project documentation:

  • Studies

  • Project for planning permit

  • Project for building permit

  • Project for construction